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Video Trimmer

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How To Trim A Video Online

Trim Your Videos like a Pro in 3 Simple Steps

Upload a File

Video Trimmer

You can upload any file from your browser device or attach a link in the Studio.

Time Selection

Video Trimmer

Once your video is uploaded, you can choose the Time slot you want to remove and click "Edit".

Download and Share

Video Trimmer

Once you have Trimmed and Edited your Video, click "Process and Download". You can also share your video across any platform.

Why Wavel Is Best As A Video Trimmer Online Tool?

Unleash Your Creativity Today!

Wavel is a video trimmer tool that is popular for its ease of use, fast processing speeds, and a variety of features that make it a great choice for editing and trimming video footage. Wavel Studio lets you edit your videos professionally for free in seconds. Shoot, edit, and share videos from your device to share across all your channels. Confidently create with the power of Wavel AI at your fingertips.

Video Trimmer
Video Trimmer


A video trimmer's essential feature is trimming or cutting parts of the video from the beginning or end.

Video Trimmer


The ability to split a video into two or more separate clips.

Video Trimmer


The ability to merge multiple video clips into a single video.

Video Trimmer

Add Effects And Transitions

Some video trimmers offer the option to add filters, text, and changes to change the entire video look.

Video Trimmer

Adjust Video Settings

Features such as adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation, changing the aspect ratio, and adding watermarks are also standard in video trimmers.

Video Trimmer

Output Options

The ability to save edited videos in different file formats and the ability to upload edited videos directly to social media platforms or cloud storage services.

Ready To Trim Your Video?

Video trimming tools are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use for users of all levels. Some reasons why video trimming tools are easy to use include: (i) Intuitive interface: The interface of video trimming tools is usually simple and straightforward, allowing you to easily navigate and perform basic editing tasks. (ii) Drag and drop functionality: Most video trimming tools allow you to easily trim videos by simply dragging the handles on the timeline to the desired starting and ending points. (iii) Basic editing features: Video trimming tools typically have a limited set of essential editing features, such as trimming, splitting, merging, and adding text, filters, and transitions, making it easy for beginners to use. Wavel Studio allows you to select the Timestamp slot and edit the video without losing Quality.

Video Trimmer
Video Trimmer

With Wavel, it's simple to clip videos for Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Your video can be automatically resized to the appropriate size for any social media platform after being cut to the desired length. Some ways for High-Quality Content Output include (i) Import video: Start importing the video you want to edit into the video trimming tool. (ii) Add effects: Use the tool's editing features to add text, filters, and transitions to enhance the look and feel of the clips. (iii) Quickly change the aspect ratio of your video so you can share your trimmed clip to any social destination. Select from a square, landscape, or portrait size, then drag your video to fit the new format. (iv) Export clips: Save the edited clips to your device or export them directly to social media platforms. (v) Engage with your audience: Encourage them to like, comment, and share your clips to help them gain traction and reach a wider audience.

Wavel Studio is more than a short online video clipper; it also allows you to resize, rotate, add automated subtitles, take out background noise, and much more. You can even export as a GIF, enabling you to quickly and easily generate highly shareable material by trimming your video files (MP4, MOV, and AVI). To produce unique content for your audience, go through our enormous selection of stock videos and royalty-free audio. The video trimmer tool includes a video merging feature, allowing you to combine multiple video clips into a single video. The platform consists of custom branding options, allowing you to add your logo and watermark to your videos. The platform includes collaboration features, allowing you to share and edit videos with team members.

Video Trimmer

Często Zadawane Pytania

What is a video trimming tool?

A video trimming tool is software or an application that allows you to cut or trim parts of a video by removing unwanted segments or reducing the length of the video.

What are the standard features of video trimming tools?

Standard features include precise frame-by-frame trimming, splitting or dividing the video into multiple segments, adjusting video aspect ratio, the ability to trim various parts of a video, and support for numerous file formats.

What file formats are supported by video trimming tools?

Most video trimming tools support popular formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, and others.

Can video trimming tools be used on mobile devices?

Yes, there are mobile apps that provide video trimming capabilities for both iOS and Android devices.

Is it possible to trim and edit videos with audio tracks?

Yes, most video trimming tools support the trimming and editing of video and audio tracks.